Special Thanks


We would not be able to produce this play without the hard work, dedication, and generosity of so many people. We would like to thank them for believing in us believing in our dreams, and trusting that are dreams are worth having.

Our first extra special thanks goes out to Barbara Andrew, for trusting us enough to bankroll us like an executive producer and with the patience of a mother. And for being the best damn key grip a group of theatre kids attempting film production needed. 

Another special thanks goes to Rick Jacobson, who never once batted an eye as untrained carpenters raided his tool shed, or as panicked twenty-somethings needed graphic design every twelve seconds, and makes it look easy to be so classy.

To those who helped so invaluably with the development of this script and this play, Alanna Dunlop, Rachel Kennedy, Steph Raposo, Tyler Hagemann, Olivia Clarke, Tom McGee, and Kelly Anderson. 

For your financial contributions, Jessica Hammond, Greg Galoska, Adam King, Winston Stilwell, Nicole Vernarec, Sam Mooney, Sandi Viger, Julia Rocchi, Jessica Sharples, Ed Croft, Jean Gower, the entire Hammond Family, Don and Barbara Andrew, Samuel Andrew, Christopher Marlowe, Neil Fernandes, Brian Grossman, and to all of the John and Jane Does who contributed to our Fund What You Can fundraiser, we thank you.

For the time you volunteered, or supplies you've lent, or being a person we couldn't be without, Aaron Dell, Matt Kessel, Oliver McDevitt, Vikki and Kasey of Brick and Mortar, we thank you.

And to our corporate sponsorship who donated to the same, a thank-you to The Spatula Diner and Ingenious ChiHuaHua, as well as our beer sponsors!



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