Interview: Aaron Jan and Filament Incubator

Silk Bath  in the Toronto fringe 2016.

Silk Bath in the Toronto fringe 2016.

Today, Rachel Kennedy sits down with one of Filament Incubator's founders Aaron Jan, a theatre creator growing to prominence in the Toronto Theatre scene. With Filament Incubator, Aaron Jan, Zach Parkhurst, Andrew Markowiak and Daniel Bagg have embarked on the challenging "Eight Plays in Eight Months" (#8plays8months). In this interview, Aaron covers their shows, collaborators, how to build an independent theatre community and what challenges they have faced as a company. 

Make sure to check out Silk Bath and Rowing this year in the Toronto Fringe (right after seeing House of Rebel's King of the Castle, of course).

Rowing  in one of it's earlier runs.

Rowing in one of it's earlier runs.