Call for Auditions: King of the Castle

King of the Castle: Toronto Fringe Festival 2016

House of Rebels Theatre would like to cordially invite you to audition for our premier stage play, taking place in the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival. King of the Castle is the first full-length work staged by emerging playwright and director Ross Hammond. A dark comedy, King Of The Castle is a play about a man becoming an adult by confronting his childhood imaginary friends within his own mind. 

The Toronto Fringe Festival takes place from June 29th to July 11th. Involved artists are expected to be available for all Fringe performances, tech runs (TBD) and every rehearsal. Rehearsals will begin in mid-March (based on the final company’s availability) with 20 hours of rehearsal every two week period (however this best lines up for availability), increasing to 25 hours every two weeks in June. Actors may also be asked to be a part of Rebel’s media and fundraising campaigns or events. 

If you are interested in auditioning, please send your resume and headshot (any photo where we can clearly see your face will do) to, and specify any of the four characters you are interested in auditioning for (listed below). Please also specify if you have a preference of time on the 19th (which we will honour as best we can). 


February 19th: 3pm to 10pm 

February 22nd: callbacks (more information to follow)

Please only apply if you can commit to a time on the initial audition day. You will receive sides and further information on location and time following application. 

We thank you for your interest, and are excited to see you at auditions! If you are curious about the work that House of Rebels has done in the past, you can find examples of us fostering the work of Canadian artists right here at

-The Rebels 


Gordon: A man coming to terms with becoming an adult. 

Edgar: The first imaginary. Edgar is a docile person. Having been bullied for years has made him hesitant to speak his mind, but he is Gordon’s last confidant. 

Pepper: Pepper is a creature born out of anger, highly resentful toward Gordon after years of being buried in his mind. (Note, Pepper is written using masculine pronouns but can very easily be made female or gender fluid.) 

Lucy: Lucy is the manifestation of Gordon’s libido, and one of the strongest influences in his life, all while she toes the line between hating and loving Gordon.