Interview with Philip Turkiewicz: I Was Once on Fire

In our first ever (or inaugural as some might say) interview with friends of the House of Rebels, Philip Turkiewicz, a theatre creator and stand-up gentleman (who directed this piece in our last project, and has been a co-collaborator to many of the Rebels for several years) sat down with me this week to discuss his upcoming play, I Was Once on Fire. We discuss his process as a playwright, a director, and bringing an idea to life on a deadline. 

I Was Once on Fire is being produced as a part of Little Black Afro's Emerging Artist Project. In its second year, this play is being mounted at Toronto's own Storefront Theatre, April 21st - 26th. You can find tickets here.



If you would like to follow "Phil Quote of the Day", or else see what the cast and crew have been saying about their time in rehearsal, you can do so @TheWOOFIsOnFire.

OR if you would like to know more about the Illume Collective (we will be talking to them again closer to the Toronto Fringe Festival) make sure that you pay attention to their ramblings (which are sure to come) about Fruit Fruit, Mouth Mouth on Facebook.