Still Alive

Still Alive is about embarrassment, bodily functions, and, ultimately, resilience.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly is in her fifth and final year of Theatre at York University.  She has graduated from the Devised Theatre and Playwriting programs – and is currently enrolled in Set & Costume Design.  

Interests include composing, writing musicals, reading feminist articles, and succinct bios.  She is thrilled to be a part of House of Rebels’ Murmurs cycle. 


Cassandra Brennan

Cassandra Brennan is a Toronto based performer and designer. Cassandra thrives off of artistic diversity- dappling in as many different art forms as she can get her hands on. She is currently designing the set and costumes for Little Black Afro theatre company's production, I Was Once On Fire.

Still Alive

Written & Directed by: Kelly Anderson

Performed by: Cassandra Brennan

Edited by: Ross Hammond

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2015.

Additional sounds downloaded from Sounds were procured and altered under the Creative Commons License.