Waiting Room

All it takes is one tiny thing to ruin your day. You could also have it ruined by an earth-shattering event. Waiting Room probably ranks somewhere in between the two.

Ross Hammond

Ross is an enterprising theatre producer, writer, actor and director. Future ambitions include producing one of his original plays for a Toronto audience, finally getting the courage to do that one thing he's always wanted to do, find his keys, and following his mortality through to it's inevitable end. Currently he supports his debilitating theatre habit by working retail and telling himself it will all be worth it, some day. Murmurs: Innocence is both the second major project produced under him by House of Rebels, and the largest, most time-consuming. He hopes you enjoy everyone's efforts. 


Leah Green

Leah Green is a Toronto based performer who recently graduated the Devised Theatre program at York University. She is currently working on her teaching degree, her teachable subjects being Dramatic Arts and English.


Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn is a graduate of the Theatre Production program at York University, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has always aspired to be a Stunt Person one day, however Stage Management took her by whirlwind and has been a serious passion of hers for several years. Having worked as an ASM in school for The Provok'd Wife (Theatre @ York) and for Best of Toronto Fringe winner The Wakowski Brothers (2012), Stage Management just seemed like the perfect next step. Recent Shows that she has SM'd include: Road (2014), Desperately Seeking Something (Toronto Fringe Festival, 2014) and Carbon Copies (Hamilton Fringe Festival, 2014). Thus far, each show that she has worked on in her career has inspired and motivated her to continue making amazing theatre; whether it be in the form of a sight specific show, an interactive show in a blackbox theatre, a Vaudevillian dramedy, or any other form that the world has to offer, her mindset will always be: Bring It On. This is Kaitlyn's first foray into the world of voice acting.


Laura Commisso

Laura is a graduate of the Devised Theatre program at York University. She has a particular passion for improvisation and comedy, and recently completed the Conservatory Program at the Toronto Second City Training Center.  She’s currently testing out the world of stand up comedy and is having a total blast while simultaneously making a fool of herself.
Ps. She had a lot of fun talking at microphones in Ross’s closet, and wants to thank everyone involved in this wicked project!

Waiting Room

Written, Directed & Edited by: Ross Hammond

Performed by: Leah Green (Lauren), Kaitlyn Smith (Anita), and Laura Commisso (Nurse)

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2015.

Additional sounds downloaded from Freesound.org. Sounds were procured and altered under the Creative Commons License.