Murmurs: Innocence

In January fourteen playwrights selected a random - with the understanding that they were guaranteed to share the same prompt as at least one other artist. These prompts were to act as open-ended sentences, inspiration which the writers were free to explore through the unifying theme of the project, Innocence. 

Fourteen pieces of varying style, structure, and voice were created and subsequently recorded. We are delighted to share these boundless audio-dramas and the talent that created them with you throughout the next month, starting March 30th. 

As a company we are interested in nurturing stories that question the conventions of everyday life. Murmurs reflects our continuing desire to examine creative conventions, as we explore the stories that emerge when artists set off from the same point with the same resources. At the culmination of this process, we are able to answer the question we began with: What are the stories that emerge, and how do they intersect or deviate?

House of Rebels Theatre began as a way for artists to deliver work to audiences with an accessible media. By tapping into the flourishing podcast scene and using it as a stage space, we remove barriers between art and audience. Wether those barriers are geographic, cultural, economic - we create art that you can get your hands on, and your minds around. 

We understand that getting out to see live theatre has its challenges. Taking the time to experience the work of new artists is an investment not everyone can make. We hope to reduce the investment of time and money, and as a result, perhaps you'll catch the theatre bug yourself. By producing theatre digitally, we hope to inspire people (theatre-goers or not) into becoming an Audience. An Audience interested in the exploration of new work. 

So where does Murmurs come into play? House of Rebels is taking steps towards greater cross-pollination in our own theatre community. It is not sustainable for modern theatre companies to compete for audience attendance, to breed a homogeneous audience. Seeing the works of only one company or playwright doesn't make "a well-versed theatre-goer", it makes them simply "a fan". A fan of one thing and one thing only

Rather than promoting the idea of "our company over that one", it is the responsibility of every artist to encourage the growth of our media, both their own work and the work of others. That is why for this project we have reached out to writers and performers who are involved in projects and companies of their own, so that in working together we will produce and communicate the existence of more work for you, the audience, to consume. Because ours is a symbiotic relationship. 

Our artists are taking risks to create work for you, both digitally and on-stage. 
So what do you say? Take a risk with us? 
It all starts right here.