Cranberry Sauce

Did you forget about us? We didn't forget about you.

Cranberry Sauce tells a story about family, and how deep some memories can run.

Emma Young

Emma Young is an emerging artist, having recently completed her undergraduate degree in theatre with a specialization in playwriting at York University. Since library study dates, and frat parties, Emma has packed her bags and headed off to Vancouver for a whole new creative experience.

This project has given her a chance to resist the geographical constraints, and connect her once again with her favourite muse, Geet Arora. As well she wants to thank Ross Hammond tirelessly for his support and creative mind, as well for thinking of her when creating this project.

Through creating and producing authentic forms of art, Emma is dedicated to engaging and challenging both her audiences and performers, with an emphasis on the exploration of the human experience. Or, as you internet people say, I just want to experience "all the feels".

Geet Arora

Geet Arora is an emerging artist currently working in Toronto's vibrant film industry. Specializing in Theatre Studies at York University Geet is pleased to make this his fourth time working with Emma Young. He is forever grateful to be able to work with his friend once again. Upcoming credits include Dil (ReArranged, Dir. Kimberly Smith), Frank (The Janitor, Dir. Amit Ohm) and Thomas (Runaway Bar, Dir. Ryan Liu).

Cranberry Sauce

Written by: Emma Young

Performed by: Geet Arora

Directed by: Ross Hammond

Edited by: Wesley McKenzie

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2015.

Additional sounds downloaded from Sounds were procured and altered legally under the Creative Commons License. Links to original works are found below.