The Babification

House of Rebels is proud to present to you a very special holiday treat. And if your taste for sacrilege isn't as strong as ours, we suggest telling everyone you know about it on social media (just make sure that you link to this page, otherwise you'll lack context and therefore credibility).

We were blessed (yes, pun intended) to work with the talented artists of Raw Matter on this piece, and we encourage you to check out their developing work should you have time this holiday season.

And have a very happy season, from your friends at House of Rebels.

The Babification

Written by: Nicole De Angelis

Performed by: Wesley Reibling (Gabriel), Eric Rich (Michael), Ross Hammond (Raphael), Mother Teresa (Nicole De Angelis), Spencer Schunk (Satan)

Directed by: Alanna Dunlop

Edited by: Wesley McKenzie

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2015.

Additional sounds downloaded from Sounds were procured and altered legally under the Creative Commons License.