Lost in thought, we often keep internalized the thoughts which must be expressed. This can be dangerous though, because to keep everything bottled up is an invitation to keep compressing the problems into a volatile mass. Lucas is a man who lets himself get bottled up to that point, and the perfect example of internal struggles.

Unsurprisingly, this monodrama was inspired by experiences working in retail. The infrequent highs, and the numerous lows. However, it was not long after the initial draft of Enlightenment that the major project for this season of House of Rebels programing was born. That project will be launching late September 2014, and will bring together a grand collaboration of like-minded creators to deliver to you - the free and about to be free peoples of the world - something truly wonderful.

More to follow, keep reading the cards and stocking up on dried foods.


Written, Performed, Edited & Directed by: Ross Hammond

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2014.

Additional sounds downloaded from Freesound.org. Sounds were procured and altered legally under the Creative Commons License. Links to original works are found below.