Into the Machine: iTunes Podcast

They said it couldn't be done, and yet here we are. We are covertly invading the vague, indefinable machine of oppression, and now you can enjoy House of Rebels Theatre even more conveniently. How exciting!

Perhaps you (for reasons only you know) despise internet browsers of all varieties but love the internet itself. Now you don't have to resort to those abhorrent, reptilian browsers to get your fill of Rebels-quality art and entertainment. You can now procure it through the much more soulless iTunes podcast feed - delivered straight to your voluntarily-purchased, wireless global positioning and listening device (phone).

Or perhaps just to an iPod. 

You can find our podcast feed here, or by searching "House of Rebels" on iTunes.

And remember; the strength of a rebellion is reliant entirely on the people who would see it through. So tell your friends about the House of Rebels. Got a "friend" on Facebook who you simply haven't spoken to in a while? Try sending them a message, or even picking up a phone! (Not one that can be traced to you, obviously, but a phone!) Meet them for coffee. Catch up. Have you arrived at the coffee shop in question and they aren't there? It's possible that your communications were intercepted, and so was your coffee date. Now it's up to you to stage a daring rescue. Why not use some of our monodramas as a soundtrack to this rescue? Then once you've liberated them, show them how they too can subscribe to the HoRT Podcast feed!

It's the least they could do after you saved them from a lifetime of imprisonment.