Emerging from the Underground

No, not the London Underground. Our clout hasn't reached across the pond quite yet. What we would like to discuss with you is our recent silence, as well as our plans for the future. Make sure this information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. 

Over the past two weeks, we have been discussing how House of Rebels Theatre is structured. (This discussion was held, of course, in our bunker whose location will remain undisclosed so as to remain free of the influence from "The Man".) What kind of organizational overhaul is needed to make sure that you, the freedom fighters that you are, continue to have reliable access to what we provide you? We've come to an agreement on a Season Structure, as well as content we will be providing you in addition to the regular podcast plays.

First of all, the structure of things. The Rebels would like nothing more than to provide you with quality theatre every day of every week until the end of time (or until "The Eventuality", whichever happens first). However, because we have lives to live and guerrilla incursions to lead, our attention has to be somewhat split for the sake of both quality and sanity. As such, we have decided to adopt a two-season year, each season lasting five months of quality theatre being pumped into whatever is left of the space between your ears.

(In this hypothetical, we assume that we were too late in saving you from the seductive embrace of the Mind Leeches, and you have now become their thrall. Still, it wouldn't be that bad. We know some Mind Leeches, and they still let their hosts enjoy the arts as long as they don't lose their focus of world domination and continued Leech Application.)

This two-season year lets us plan the shaking of political stability we've always promised, by planning it further in advance. We're also bringing in more writers, more actors, more editors; the size and flavour of House of Rebels Theatre is growing and changing. 

And to celebrate our new format, 2014's Season B will begin on August 5th, with new writing, new acting, new editing, new Mind Leeches! So mark your calendars and make sure that you're subscribed to our podcast feed on iTunes! Seriously, you should really get yourself a Mind Leech. A Mind Leech would want you to subscribe. They also come with all sorts of super neat ideas and knowledge. Do you know how to take apart your radiator and microwave to turn them into an incubation chamber perfectly sized to host more Leech Larvae? Mind Leeches do. They're super easy to apply and you never have to worry about them falling off.

Don't worry, they still let you appreciate the arts...


An artist's rendition of a Mind Leech - if found, please apply directly to cranium, unless pre-existing Mind Leech instructs otherwise.

An artist's rendition of a Mind Leech - if found, please apply directly to cranium, unless pre-existing Mind Leech instructs otherwise.