House of Rebels Theatre

How does Theatre fit into the evolving technological landscape of 2014?

What about beyond that?

Other artistic mediums have embraced the gifts of the internet with gusto. Theatre however, is still very limited geographically. How do we respond to this?

House of Rebels Theatre is a company based on distributing content in a radio-play style so that you can enjoy our work anywhere. We are a collective of writers, performers and sound editors based out of Toronto Ontario, and are committed to the story. We have prepared for your entertainment a selection of Monodramas (self-contained dramatic performances, independent of larger narratives or more than one character) and are in the process of creating larger, full-scale plays (to be distributed over the course of weeks, rather than all at once).

As our involved artists grow in number, our production schedule will shift, our writers and performers will vary, and voices (of both the actors and the pieces) will change and evolve.

But you will be entertained.

Enjoy the show.