The Man at the Bus Stop

This is not a normal person. This is not a normal bus ride. Be careful where you get off.

Written by Ross Hammond, this was a monodrama written while fatigued, almost entirely on busses taken around midnight. The stimuli produced an interesting perception of fellow commuters. It was around the idea for this piece that the prompt for Mysteries in Transit as a project was born.

Rich is played by Tyler Hagemann, a Toronto-based actor with a love of writing and cooking pasta-based dishes. He is currently playing Beethoven in Echo Production's Dog Sees God running until November 15th in Kensington Market (above the Blue Banana). Past theatre credits include Mr. Dogsborough (The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, dir. Ted Witzel), and Mr. Deltoid (A Clockwork Orange, dir. Victoria Fuller)

Written & Directed by: Ross Hammond

Performed by: Tyler Hagemann

Edited by: Ross Hammond

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2014.

Additional sounds downloaded from Sounds were procured and altered legally under the Creative Commons License. Links to original works are found below.

Bus Atmosphere (Package)