House of Rebels Presents: Mysteries in Transit

This month, we are presenting a great undertaking by the associated artists at House of Rebels Theatre. In August, eight playwrights wrote eight different works, all based on the same prompt - which also gives us our project title.

Mysteries in Transit

The prompt itself was born out of commuting on the Toronto Transit Commission during both early morning and late evenings, producing two themes that mix well together; Transition and the Unknown.

 The idea was to see what work could be created if we all started at the same place. With no restrictions or limitations, we all produced work that can be experienced independently of each other, or together as one thematic journey. How do different writers write, create theatre in a new medium? Let's find out together.

The artists involved include the creative team of House of Rebels, as well as artists and friends from the Toronto Theatre Community. The first of our pieces are going live soon, both on our blog posts and on their own project page. And if you aren't already, subscribe to the House of Rebels iTunes Podcast Feed.

HoRT MITposter.jpeg

Take a journey with us.