How much is a human life worth? Priceless examines the human cost of technological advancement, and asks what price we're willing to pay to live in the future.

Matt Carson is an emerging playwright who has recently graduated from York University's theatre program, specializing in Devised Theatre and Playwriting. With an passion for work that examines the darker side of humanity, he hopes to be doing the kind of theatre that you need to sign a waver before experiencing. He gains inspiration from his international travels with his live-in dramaturg and creative turbine Kathryn Kaehler.


Emilio is a recent graduate of York University's Acting Conservatory and Toronto based emerging artist. Upon completion of his degree he made his professional debut in Canadian Stage's Shakespeare in High Park (2014) as well as participated in Crapshoot at Theatre Passe Muraille with Rebel Ross Hammond, and the InspiraTO festival with others of the Yorkie clan. Emilio continues to audition and create, looking for opportunities to engage in a wide variety of performance styles from theatre to film/tv and voice over. Emilio is ever thankful to the incredible Matt Carson for his genius with words and ideas, and for all of the bravery it takes to delve into a Carson piece. Priceless is a harrowing tale, with themes none of us can escape. Emilio hopes you find it just as thought-provoking as he has. Special thanks to HoRT and Phil Turk...the Toronto art scene would suffer without these talented people. 


Philip Turkiewicz is an emerging performer, playwright and dramaturge. He is a recent graduate of York University’s Devised Theatre program. He is currently interested in the role gender and sexuality play in our day to day interactions and as a means of connection between people. In general he finds high-concept, philosophical, and dream-like creation to be the most interesting. Recent credits include monster (Performer and co- creator, York Devised Theatre) Artistic Director of playGround Festival 2014, Thread (Performer, Iris Theatre), Fired (Writer/Director, playGround 2013), and Pridecab 2012 (performer, creator). He is the resident graphic designer for Epigraph Collective Theatre Co, as well as a sound designer. Directing for House of Rebels was a wonderful, cozy experience. It involved mostly laying on a comfortable bed/ floor taking notes and directing a talented performer through a closet door. While Philip is not generally in the practice of sending people back in the closet, this was the one exception to the rule. He found the experience to be very receptive and organic; a process of working he enjoys the most. “It didn’t feel like work!” he would say if anyone asked. “Would definitely go again” if he were in the business of writing critic one-liners. But he isn’t.

Written by: Matt Carson

Performed by: Emilio Viera

Directed by: Philip Turkewicz

Edited by: Ross Hammond

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2014.

Additional sounds downloaded from Sounds were procured and altered legally under the Creative Commons License.