Car Ride at Night

There's a lot of responsibility in the front seat. Disc jockey, moose watch, moral support... But you're happy to do it.

Keegan Plant is an emerging playwright who specializes in magic realism. She is most inspired by all forms of nature, and from the strange things she thinks and wonders if other people think those kinds of things too. She is excited to be working with House of Rebels, and is thrilled that they thought of her, and made it all work even if she was far away in a forest for most of the project. The piece was inspired by the strange politics of car rides and how we can feel so alone in this world, even while surrounded by those closest to us.

The role of Didder was played by Raechel Fischer.

My name is Raechel Fisher and I am currently studying in the Acting Conservatory at York University. Working on this project was an exciting new experience for me because I have always been fascinated by audio drama (such as the radio shows done by the BBC). Working with the microphone as a scene partner brought forth my imagination in ways I have not yet explored, except perhaps in the confines of my room. I am thrilled to be asked to participate in such a fresh new project, and am eager to explore similar work in the future.

Written by: Keegan Plant

Performed by: Raechel Fisher

Directed by: Ross Hammond

Edited by: Wesley MacKenzie

© House of Rebels Theatre, 2014.