House of Rebels Theatre prides itself on delivering high-quality theatrical experiences. As creators, we enjoy experimenting with ways in which to give the audience something that affects or shapes them, and we are constantly testing the boundaries of our chosen mediums.


Our writers are regularly crafting high calibre stories for our audience's auditory anticipation. To take part in these experiences, you can visit our website and listen to them - or you can visit our public work on the iTunes Podcast directory and make your theatre mobile by clicking here

There is power in uncertainty. Many writers but only so many resources to share, what could possibly be created?

We the writers all start from one location - follow us as our journeys take us hither and yon - that is to say, to different places. Eight playwrights write eight different stories, all beginning from the same prompt;

Mysteries in Transit

No limitations, just the freedom to explore the unknown. Where we are going, and how we are getting there.