Your train has arrived, the car is waiting, your vehicle is ready... But are you?

Mysteries in Transit takes you on a journey from the same start, but through many different avenues. Eight playwrights have written eight pieces, and the work of many actors, editors and directors have come together to produce for you these journeys to take.

So the only questions remains, will you climb aboard?

Project Director

Ross Hammond


Alyssa Bartlett

Matthew Carson

Arthur Cox

Ross Hammond

Andrew Markowiak

Keegan Plant

Luke Reece

Emma Young


Lucy Powis

Additional Directors

Philip Turkiewicz (Priceless)

Ethan Resendes (Beat Drop)

Sound Designers

Ross Hammond

Welsey McKenzie

Graphic Designer

Erika Madsen


Actors (in order of appearance)

Ken Northfield

Tyler Hagemann

Raechel Fisher

Julia Hussey

Emilio Viera

Alyssa Bartlett

Olivia Clarke

Geet Arora

Andrew Markowiak

Leighton Williams

Rachel Kennedy

Aidan Gutman