About the Rebels

To nurture stories that question the conventions of everyday life.

The Company

House of Rebels started as a way for writers to tell stories. The Rebels found that while the love for theatre was present in it's creators, their enthusiasm may not be shared by the general public the way it was circa the 1600s or so. They decided that one way they could make the masses love the theatre again was to remove the restriction placed on it by geography. Our writers create for a mobile and technological audience; one who requires entertainment in their pocket, readily available at all times. And so we present to you, the stories by our rebellious writers available to you wherever you happen to roam.

The Rebels Themselves

Ross Hammond

Ross is a graduate of York University's theatre studies program, where he specialized in Playwriting and Devised Theatre. Ross has worn a myriad of theatrical hats in his career, and has most notably been credited as an actor, playwright, director, technician, and sound designer. He is a supporting member of the Playwright's Guild of Canada. Within House of Rebel's projects, he has directed Mysteries in Transit, the first Murmurs cycle of 2015, and is the playwright and director of Rebel's inaugural stage play King of the Castle in the Toronto Fringe Festival of 2016.

Outside of his theatre work, Ross enjoys writing in other forms (prose, poetry, and screenwriting), DJ-ing for excellent people, and playing board games. 




Rachel Kennedy

Rachel is a member of the Playwright's Guild of Canada and a recent graduate from York University where she specialized in directing, playwriting and devised theatre. Internationally, Rachel acted as volunteer coordinator for World Stage Design / Scenofest 2013 in Cardiff, Wales. Fresh into the working world, Rachel has been testing the waters as a director, actor and playwright in various spaces around Toronto.



Julia Rocchi is a Toronto-based Producer, Event Creator and Production Manager, who has been having all of the fun producing King of the Castle for House of Rebels at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival.

A favourite pal of Ross's and Rachel's, Julia is an alumna of the York Theatre Production & Design Program, specializing in production and technical management. Her unique area of expertise lies in outdoor, urban event management, and has previously worked for her own indie company, Theatre Bassaris, and as part of the production teams at both Yonge-Dundas Square and the Harbourfront Centre. She is currently juggling many hats, and is always on the lookout for a show or project that will allow her to spend as much time as possible drinking beer on patios with talented people. Julia loves a good joke, a sharp tongue, and Justin Trudeau's hair.


Wesley McKenzie


Wesley McKenzie graduated from York University in 2014 with a BFA in Theatre Production. Ever since, Wesley has been designing lighting, sound and video in the Toronto area for theatre and opera.

In 2015, he became the production manager and lighting designer in residence for the Classic Theatre Festival in Perth, Ontario. Wesley often collaborates on video projects with the red light district company, and has started collaborating as a lighting designer for operas directed by Anna Theodosakis. 

Wesley first started collaborating with House of Rebels on the Mysteries in Transit podcast series.